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Agile in the Family

Views of how to approach and integrate Agile ideas to your Family Unit - and to start a Kanban / Scrum Card Wall for the Family

Agile For Kids is a book on treating your family members like members on a Dev Team.

Emphasize "creating fun" not as a project, but as a continuous involvement of your team of valued members.

Respect for others and respect for the tasks of everyday life are learned.

Note that the Daily Gathering is a core value.

"The manager needs to think as a parent" and also "The parent needs to think as a manager."

- Shirly Ronen-Harel


A quick article from the wife of Jeff Sutherland

* Agile Kids is not to be confused with Learning Through Movement.

** Likewise, is for Rugby enthusiasts, not us.

Links of Resources

A list of resources that shows the impact that a family Task Board can have.

Agile in the Family
by Shirly Ronen-Harel

$7 eBook


John Yorke, who talks about the failure of a reward system as viewed by young minds


Scrum For Kids

Joe Meade, Fort Myers, FL

- Peter Stevens


Mike Cohn with some good advice on facilitating any team  

Contacts for future additions
Admin @ lean


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